Alastair Little is one of Britain’s most celebrated chefs and has been dubbed “the Godfather of modern British cookery”.

Alastair’s Story

He was a leading figure in the UK for developing the movement away from old fashioned French haute cuisine in favour of food based on simplicity, seasonality and taste. He has constantly been a champion of proper food – be it in his Michelin star days in restaurants from the 70s to the noughties, his deli Tavola for the last 15 years or here and now in the home delivery market.

The Idea

The idea for By Alastair Little came about from Al recognising that the fresh food he had been preparing daily in his Notting Hill deli could just as easily be freshly made to order, sold online and delivered to peoples’ homes.

The Chefs

When the idea to turn his deli into a digital business was developing Al knew it would be imperative to work with a team of talented chefs who not only shared his philosophy on the simplicity of great cooking but who also shared his kind of palate and taste. Thankfully he found some like minded partners and together they’re busy making food that tastes seriously good.