MANCINI Spaghetti 500g


If you at all serious about your pasta, Mancini Pastificio Agricolo are my go-to suppliers.  They produce pasta exclusively with the durum wheat that they grow and harvest annually in the fields surrounding them, in the heart of Le Marche region, Italy.

This results every year in a “seasonal” product, reflective of each year’s agricultural conditions.

Mancini pasta is not easy to find in the shops.  So we have stocked a range for you, and suggest the best pairings with our pasta sauces.


  • Durum wheat semolina bronze drawn spaghetti and dried at low temperature.
  • Mancini pasta is produced only from durum wheat cultivated directly by the company.
  • Made only from semolina and water.
  • Cooking time 9-11 minutes.


Spahetti is a general purpose pasta that you should always have to hand, as it works well with a wide range of sauces.

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